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Problem with form save data



I use form webflow but I can not see the contacts that have been generated on the panel

Form Submission Data
Email Form

Date Nome Telefone Email Serviço Texto
3 months ago Marcos Custodio 1131986112


3 days ago
3 days ago
2 days ago
2 days ago
2 days ago
2 days ago
29 minutes ago
14 minutes ago

it's not just these here, I need to know where the others are and how I can identify them.

I'm receiving email, but I would like a consolidated list for export.


Hi @Marcos_Custodio, thanks for the report. I can see that there are submissions as recent as an hour ago, which show all form field info saved to the forms panel on your site in the Forms tab.

I took a quick peek at the form itself, and none of those fields except the email field has the required checkbox set, and from looking at the pattern of the entries, it seems that some entries have just the email field entered, some with all fields entered and some with out any info in the email field.

The blank entries might be due to spam entries on your form submission from a user who is using a browser or OS that does not have support for the HTML5 "Required" type validation on the email field.


And how can I centralize all contacts in a single view?


Hi @Marcos_Custodio, if I understand the question correct, the issue is, that you do not want to view any of the blank entries and only those with contact details correct?

If so, at the moment, there is not a built in way to do this in Webflow yet. One suggestion is to export your form data as a csv file, then import that to google spreadsheets and filtering out the rows with blank form data.

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