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Problem with horizontal scroll

hi everyone! i’m new with webflow and i’m having some problems with the scroll. when i scroll down, on the page appear a block on the right and i don’t why. i’ve tried to hide every section overflow but i find the same situation. can someone help me?

Hey, welcome to the Webflow community.

It is quite simple. You added “overflow: visible” to your body tag (by adding it via a separate body class) which overwrites the default overflow CSS.
The default is: “overflow-x: hidden”.
By setting it to visible, the black space on the right (x-axis) appears.

So, go in your “body” class, remove that 1 line from your CSS and you should be fine again.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks a lot but i haven’t solved the problem. i’ve remove the overflow but the black space appears anyway

You also removed this. Add it to the body tag again, as I described in detail.

I am working on a new website for clients as a UX & UI designer, and I was wondering something about horizontal scrolling, ala MySpace.

This website is, basically, a new Yahoo Answers with a more social approch, build from the scratch in term of design and technology (I mean, no CMS or something else) they use for.