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Problem with the footer on mobile



As in the title, I have a problem with the footer on mobile vertically:

And it supposed to be like on mobile horizontally:

Footer is positioned as a Block, Relative.
Any idea why it’s behaving like that?

Webflow link:


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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it seems that your theme problem. check it once. otherwise, go with widgets if your using wordpress. job consultancy in Bangalore.


The site is made with Webflow :blush:


Hello @paulina

Your panel before the footer has a 100 vh height and the problem comes from there. The content is too much for 100 vh. You can set it to auto.

Here’s a screen record >

If you have questions I will be happy to answer

Piter :webflow_heart:


SIlly mistake. Thanks a bunch! :slight_smile:

And actually, I have one more question. It’s about grid in the Contact form.

As you can see there is a mess and can not remove it this extra column on the right or make it invisible that the form would take the whole width. Not sure how to approach it.


Can you share your read only link again?


Yes. You can see it at 360px

Link below:


I visited too much read only links and I need to wait a little :sweat_smile: I will answer you immediately when I am able to access the read only link.


Here’s my approach >

If you need more help feel to reach out :webflow_heart:


Ah this make sense. Thank you so much! :relaxed:


No problem :webflow_heart: