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Problem with using Set cookie code / probleme avec Cookie template


Hi guys

I’m working for a client on a website and i need to show a popup with french grpd law text only one time per session.

I have tried to implement the following example by @vincent : but the pop-up is always opening when i’m coming back to the home

Here is my website:

Thanks in advance for the help


@Emmanuel_Hourquet take a look at this one


The code you use is different from the code I use on my template.

Also, this implementation is not suitable for GDPR (BTW it’s GDPR in english, RGPD in french, it’s never GRDP :wink: ) With GDPR you gotta get the consent BEFORE setting any cookie. Just saying “Hey we use cookies, you gotta be ok with it” while you have already set the cookie, isn’t making you respect GDPR at all. You gotta get the consent firstn, then set the cookie after that. You also have to offer an alternative for those who don’t want to accept your cookies or analytics. Here, not the technology nor the message used respects GDPR.


Thanks i will check this plugin then


Yes indeed this is a pain so i will look at the plugin mentionned before

Regarding your code i have only modified the .show() function which is doing display:block into display:flex which can be actually convenient for some people

Regarding the text in the popup this is for now a placed holder and will make sure it is 100% compliant with the eu laws


Isn’t it why it doesn’t work anymore? If I apply your code to my template, it doesn’t work as well.


Well it should not break anything as this is current javascript function but will check again