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Problems with interaction inside dynamic wrapper


Hey there,
I'm trying to learn the CMS so i'm recreating the Escape Template shown in this video.

I made an interaction for the thumbnail images: on hover, the image grows a little.
That work OK, but at the same time the category tag disappears... I made a copy of this outside the dynamic wrapper (just a little further down) and it works fine.

any idea why this is happening?
Thanks :-)

Preview link


A good question.. I can't quite work it out.


Hello Orimanor

The answer is simple, just change the Z Index for category tag to something big like 1111.
Not sure why this happen, maybe a bug :smiley:



Hi @Orimanor, big thanks to @Davidlin_ch12 for providing the correct answer (although this does not appear to be a bug to me :wink:

It looks like the category tag is using relative position while the image is using position Auto.

If you set the z-index to 1111 on the category tag, things should work as expected. Using z-index to layer objects on top of each other is common and quite often needed when working with interactions.


Thanks @Davidlin_ch12 and @cyberdave...

I changed the Z-index and it works OK but i still don't understand why there was a problem in the first place.

It seems that elements inside a dynamic list behave different: the image which is outside the dynamic list works just fine, without the need to change the z-index (and all those elements share the same classes).
So how can it be, that inside the dynamic list it behave one way, and outside it it behaves differently?

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