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Product Description in E-Com Template

My E-Commerce template won’t allow my product copy to appear with any line breaks only in one paragraph. How do I fix this?

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Hi @Karolina,

Product description by default are plain text fields or rather they can be connected by way of a text block or paragraph element. To increase line spacing you would check the height of font line height of the paragraph element itself. Video Reference (

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Hi Brandon,

I know how to setup the text block but when its inside the CMS management system for my e-commerce product descriptions I have no options at all. You just drop the text inside and it automatically just forms a paragraph. None of my line breaks appear.

How do I fix this?


Can you show me where on your site this issue is happening?

I couldnt find it in my first walk through.

Hi Brandon,

Can you please help me with updating my POP-UP window for Black Friday for my e-com?
I looked but can’t figure out how…