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Professional Plan Tier pricing


Hi Webflow marketing folks

I am fast reaching the 50 website package limit of the professional plan. I like to pay by the year but that probably would not matter either way. I don't need to "addon" purchase in increments 50 sites, but rather 10 would be great, but 25 is doable. I don't want to have to start up more plans with other log ins or drop down to the personal where I loose features in exchange for the 20 sites .... could you quickly consider giving us pros the option to " add on " more sites to our existing packages in increments of less than 50? I would be happy to pay by the year for them!

Ps what I am saying is that with the current marketing plan you have, in order to add one more client to my package over the 50 I have to add another 50 for a year ... ie over $400 investment, much of which I may never use ... if you could offer me 10 or 25 customer increments that would be a better incentive to keep growing them here!


makes sense to me...

+1 on that idea.


Totally makes sense... Also a +1.

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