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Project management and webflow

Hi guys!

I am looking for a few recommendations on project management tools.
We are a small team, and we have around 20 projects in our hands and five more to come (paused due to COVID-19). I am looking forward to a solution that’d be simple and easy to manage. Some of the features that I’d in the systems are:

  • Project wise listing and easy status change of the project.
  • Client recommendation listing.
  • Setting the priorities and sorting the projects according to the priority or the completion dates.
  • Assigning the multiple tasks to a single user and creating tasks from new client requests.
  • Also, setting permission based on the roles. E.g.:- all the projects are viewable and manageable to the admin.

I am getting different project management tool suggestions from different places, and I have a few in my mind. I am taking my time and exploring my options.
Also, I’d like to know how you guys combine Webflow with Project Management tools and the tools you are using for the same! Thanks!

As someone who prefers a flexible workspace builder over a project app, it’s Notion all the way for me! The fact I have survived in Notion without an api for 2 years say a lot. The database formulas are pretty average compared to Airtable, but the nested pages, content flexibility & sharing are unmatched. I think the thing missing is webforms like airtable. Getting content into notion from non users is an issue.

Thank you so much. I’ll definitely take your suggestion into consideration.

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