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Project thumbnails are not accurate/updating


I created and published a brand new site yesterday, based on the Magnetic theme, and the dashboard thumbnail still shows the default Magnetic thumbnail even though it has been completely redesigned. I unpublished and published again, as per the advises of the now closed thread, but still see the same thumbnail.

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Project thumbnails are not accurate/updating, again
How do you make Webflow thumbnails update in Dashboard/My Sites?

Can you provide a read-only link and a screenshot of what you're seeing please?


Here you go:

Project thumbnails are not accurate/updating, again

I noticed your custom domain is published, but not the i believe our servers take a screenshot of the thumbnail. Try publishing the site to there.

If you're worries about SEO, you can disable indexing of the site via SEO settings:


Not sure I understand why I should publish my site anywhere other than to the domain I want it published on, surely not just to get a site preview thumbnail.... :slight_smile:


Hi @Dutch, totally can hear you there :slight_smile: Once the preview is saved, it should be safe to also unpublish the domain, the preview should be saved.

Let me know in case of any issues and thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi @Dutch sorry for the trouble here - I'm looking into a possible solution for this now (although no firm ETA on when it will be resolved) We're rebuilding our screencapture mechanism for project thumbnails so they update across all projects (not just sites)

In the meantime, @PixelGeek's workaround will help (publish to .io and disable subdomain indexing) As soon as I know more I'll post updates here.


I am not sure if I am the only one experiencing this, but the previews of sites in my dashboard have a bug where they will not accurately depict a preview, rather displacement of elements, not how the page is supposed to look.

As you can see below, the logos are placed in the center-left rather than the upper-left area or not show at all, the navbar colors have bled all over the page, etc.


Hi @aegnorkeil, thanks for reporting this. I will start checking on this. As soon as I have an update, I will keep you informed.


I've been dealing with the same issue for a long time.
Here's an example:

The logo is distorted and the background image disappears.
Sometimes nothing shows up on the dashboard's preview.


HI @Filipa and @aegnorkeil, I have been able to notice this behavior also. As soon as there is an update on a fix or resolution for this, I will let you know.

Thanks in advance.


Thank you @cyberdave :grinning:


Hi there! Same behavior on my dahsboard. This is the current screenshot:

and here is how is should looks like ...

I cannot find any pattern for the bug, fixed backround images seems to be involved (?)



This is still happening and I can only assume that all users of Webflow are seeing this.


We pushed out a fixed last week. Can you try unpublishing and republishing the site(s)?


Works for me now, thanks guys :slight_smile:


closing this thread. if it comes up again, please start a new one.




I have recently started building my first site with Webflow and I can't even being to express how easy and rewarding it's been!

My only real problem is that the thumbnail for the site on my dashboard is just black!? It doesn't display a preview of the site's homepage like it should. Black is the colour I've used for the NavBar, so I presume it's using that, but I can't work out why it doesn't display a preview of the site.

I know this is a rather small issue in the scheme of things, but it's driving me insane!

Here is a link to my site - Shred Desert

Thanks in advance =)


I previously addressed this here, Staff has said that as soon as there is an update on a fix or resolution for this, they will let us know.