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Project thumbnails are not accurate/updating


Fantastic, thank you. Couldn't seem to find this topic initially.

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I dont see the preview, what can I do?



Since the refreshed dashboard, the rendering of site thumbnails has long not been.... well, very stable. This is something on Webflow's end. @thesergie smile


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Some of my site projects show up with outdated or broken thumbnails. Furthermore, they always list the webflow.io URL underneath rather than the custom URL we're paying for each month. Though both of these are somewhat superficial, they really do complicate things when trying to organize and quickly switch between multiple websites.

  1. Is there any way to update or refresh Dashboard thumbs?

  2. How can we change the displayed URLs underneath the thumbs?


Is it possible the 404 thumbs come from the xyz.webflow.io URL not being published?


This is correct. Just republish the .webflow.io version and you'll be good to go. smile


Publishing the .webflow.io version seems like it would be problematic. For instance, what's stopping Google from crawling the pages on the .webflow.io version as opposed to the version on the custom domain? A manual canonical tag for every single page could work (which is incredibly tedious), but that still mean's there's a publicly accessible version of the website sitting on a non-canonical URL, not to mention there's useless code sitting in the HTML which is just there for Webflow Dashboard convenience. I'd like to avoid this.

Is there any way to g--I lost my train of thought because I just realized your avatar is Benny. That is INCREDIBLE! Where were we? Oh yes. Is there any way to get the thumb to pull from the published custom domain without requiring that the .webflow.io version be published?


If you publish your .webflow.io site, you can disable crawlers from indexing it via your SEO settings page:

Hope this helps smile


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You're not the only one. We're working on a fix - stay tuned. Hoping to have something for you guys sooner than later.


While not a big deal, I noticed that my project thumbnail for my most recent site isn't updating. I've not setup custom domain hosting just yet (soon though) but just thought I'd throw in my observation that something is up with the thumbnail is not updating.

I've unpublished the site and republished it again, turned it from private to public and still no change to the project thumbnail.


Update: I've transferred this site to the Client's account and the new thumbnail is correct.


I have seen that . Could you please tell me what exactly you need on
thumbnails .


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Please continue the discussion here https://forum.webflow.com/t/project-thumbnails-are-not-accurate-updating-again/35480



duplicated a site, and now it's very different in design. however, the thumbnail has never updated. there was another thread, but it's now permanently locked. https://forum.webflow.com/t/project-thumbnails-are-not-accurate-updating/31347/3

  1. bug - it's only published to the webflow.io address, so the "workaround" mentioned in the locked thread doesn't seem to work. maybe related to it having been a duplicated site?

  2. why lock threads? especially for bugs that can return?


Try un-publishing, then re-publishing to your project subdomain.


just tried. no change. hmm...

EDIT: i even tried "showcasing" it, turning that on. preview updated, but thumbnail did not. but, this can't be public, so turned it off. no fix with that, either.

EDIT2: i tried duplicating it, also. and now, it has the original thumbnail of the very first site. so, now i have 3 thumbnails all exactly the same for 3 different sites :frowning:


Hi @rps, thanks for the update. The issue is still open with the thumbnails not getting updated. As soon as I have more info on this, I will post an update. I have also unlocked this bug report post.

Thanks in advance!