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Project thumbnails are not accurate/updating


i am experiencing issues with thumbnail as well. i have been for awhile.


Hi guys,

is there still no fix being applied for the wrong thumbnail preview on the dashboard?
Being quite annoying especially when duplicating projects having all the same preview image.

Unpublishing / Republishing wont work, emptying my cache, force refresh…no luck at all.



Hi @Daniel_Schultheiss, yes, the issue with the thumbnails is still open. The Webflow team is looking at new methods to show the thumbnails. As soon as there is an update, I will update the post and let you know.

Thanks in advance.



My thumbnails aren’t updating either


Same here. No thumbnails have updated in months.


Thanks for posting these updates @Jeffrey_Gillespie and @tubes!

We are currently working on a solution for this that do two things:
-Ensure the thumbnail is accurate
-Ensure it is up to date with your project

​Thanks in advance for your patience on this.


@PixelGeek @Brando @cyberdave In addition to the favicon and webclip why don’t you look at adding an option to upload a ‘project image’ (ex. project logo) in place of using the webflow generated thumbnail? It would really help de-clutter the dashboard. Having the field set so if there is an image uploaded it would overwrite the thumbnail would be ideal.



That would be a cool feature to have for sure. If you want to get the conversation started around this feature request, please feel free to post about it in our Webflow Wishlist. :slight_smile:


Will do. Even a toggle on the dashboard that gives us the option to draw on the OG image of the homepage would work.


This would be quite an elegant solution. Even perhaps it should be the automatic default:
If there is and OG image for the homepage then use that over the automatically generated thumbnail.
After all if you are adding an OG image - that is how you want your page to be presented in thumbnail.


This bug ticket was opened over a year ago! C’mon guys. Can we please get this issue resolved? I’m tired of seeing old thumbnails for my shiny new projects. This needs to get handled asap.


Thank you for your feedback @zac @KProServices @iconCom we’re still working on a fix and will post an update as soon as this feature update is live. ​Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we work towards a resolution. :bowing_man:


Currently my projects don’t update thumbnail wise in the dashboard

These are two separate projects that I cloned from a template I made, both nearly full websites with vastly different colours, yet they appear like this. What’s the deal?


Muchos Gracias in advance :smile:


if unpublishing and republishing doesn’t work, this may be part of a bug that we are actively looking into.


Fixed the transition problem! the glitch is still there though as far as the thumbnail, not a big issue tho. Looking forward to the fix :slight_smile:


Is there any update on this fix ? since i have the same issue and i’ve tried unpublish both projects first
Seems the email of the editor also isnt updated to my new email, is this the same bug ?


my thumbnails are currently updating