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Public Profile information won't save!


Hi friends!

I'm trying to update my public profile and the Save Changes button will not save my changes. When I go to click save I get the lovely circle crossed out button, and it doesn't work.
Any thoughts? Am I missing a step?

My profile is all sad and empty as a result.


Hi @emilygillis

Are you still having this issue?


Hi! Yes I am, any suggestions?


can you send a screenshot so I can see what the issue might be?


Sure, here's what it looks like when I hover over the Save Changes button, clicking it also does nothing.

Woops, I was hoping a print screen would keep the mouse in, but it just shows up with one of these guys


Hi @emilygillis smile Unless you are the Real Ali G, try to put at least two characters in the last name field smile

Let me know if you have any issues smile Cheers,


Haha, thanks Dave, you're a wizard!

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