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Published mobile image placement is different than Webflow preview


I’m new to Webflow. So far I love the tool, but I am seeing some significant differences between what I see on my device and what I see in the Webflow preview. I’ve watched all the Webflow tutorials and I am still a little stumped. I’ve also tried deleting and rebuilding the problem areas. No luck yet blush

Here is the published site
And here is the read only link:

1) None of the headers images on any of the pages show up on my mobile device (OnePlus One using Chrome) as I have formatted them in Webflow (though when I use a standard browser like Chrome and Safari they seem to work).

2) There is a thin bar running along the top of the image in mobile view on the "Observe" and "Experiment" pages (it looks like the gradient background I set).


I checked both url's and each turned up the images just the same. To clarify, the images were out of alignment, not absent. Sorry for the confusion.

After that though, I tried removing the "fixed" image setting and now the alignment adjustments I made in the editor are working on my mobile devices. The frustration for me is that the preview in Webflow did not accurately represent what I saw in the wild. Good news is that this has been my only issue, so thank your your help smile


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