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Publishing collection data and removing OAuth integration


Hey @nathan,

We’re running into a couple of roadblocks. Hopefully you can provide more info for the following questions (couldn’t find anything in your documentation)

1) We can update a collection field value with the API just fine, but we have no way of then publishing that value. We’re aware of your API call for publishing a new entry, but can’t find anything for updating existing entries.

2) When removing the Webflow webhook, are we able to remove the OAuth integration from a users Webflow account?

Thanks in advance.


Did anyone else see this foxycart inventory video?
Ecommerce suggestions

Ping. Thanks in advance.


1.) We don’t currently have support for updating live items. (Mostly due to some internal limitations - if we exposed it, it would be possible to update items in a manner which would break your site in a pretty severe manner. However we do want to make it possible to implement this, so sometime in the future this will be possible.) If you describe your use-case a bit more I might be able to help come up with a workaround until live updates are possible.

2.) Currently authorizations can only be removed by the user in the webflow dashboard. However this mostly is an oversight and adding this should be a pretty quick addition. I’ve added a ticket to our bug tracker to get this endpoint added shortly!


Hi Nathan.
Thank you for the info. Our use case is auto updating the inventory count for a Product item in a Collection after each sale. Obviously, the integration would be worthless if the user had to manually re-publish. Thoughts?



Any info you an provide is greatly appreciated.



@nathan Any info you can provide will be helpful. Thank you!


Hi @nathan and @foxy

Just to weigh in here as a user/designer, my client loved the fact they could have a custom designed non-Shopify site enabled by Foxycart, and seemingly unique to other solutions, manage their products solely in Webflow.

The two issues that meant Shopify almost got their business were: Site Search (i know…soon!) and Inventory control. If we can cross this hurdle with inventory control, it opens the door to so many more opportunities for Webflow e-commerce.

I don’t have any connection with Foxy, I just haven’t come across many other companies so keen to make their stuff work with Webflow - hope you can find a way!



Thanks @StuM :slight_smile:


@nathan Any word on this? I’d love to be able to use FoxyCart more. I’m not affiliated with them but being able to update inventory would be great and in many situations is absolutely necessary. I’ve had to develop in Shopify and other platforms even though client would really prefer Webflow and FoxyCart.


+1 here, @nathan



+1 here, this would blow up the e-comm space!


@jdesign @StuM @irishbuckley We hear you loud and clear. Hoping an update is in the works on the Webflow end. Thanks for hanging in there.



@nathan Any word on this?


@nathan @foxy

Nathan…Nathan…lonely here without you…

Believe in the power of cat gifs…

Any workarounds you can think of if it’s not imminent? Pleeeease



Hey @StuM.
We may have discussed this temporary workaround before, but you can add an “out of stock” toggle option that conditionally shows/hides purchase options and/or content. It’s not ideal, but until there are updates on Webflow’s end, our hands are tied.



Hi Josh,

Yeah, i’m currently using that toggling feature, but it requires the client to manually login and toggle in/out of stock, leaving room for them to forget, or not update an item in time before it’s purchased again.

I know you guys have worked really hard preparing an integration, if we could just get Webflow to find a way past this final hurdle, or finding a workaround as @nathan mentioned it would be awesome…

@Waldo @PixelGeek @cyberdave - could you raise it/find out any more for us, or maybe catch up on a call with Josh to see what’s possible?



Hey @StuM.
I understand. Not ideal.

No need for a call. We’ve already talked with the Webflow team and understand they are busy right now. I’m confident as soon as they are able, they’ll push an update to the API to allow for auto publishing collection item changes. :slight_smile:



Awesome, will keep hanging in there :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:


I’ve built a couple projects with FoxyCart and their service and product has been awesome. I’m a Webflow fan and think it’s an amazing tool! The Webflow staff and community are fantastic. Webflow’s flexibility is great. It’s honestly changed my business and makes clients happy.

However,I have to say that it’s awfully disappointing not to hear any answer on this topic or have any response from the Webflow team in nearly two months. @nathan @callmevlad @thesergie It seems that maybe Webflow is taking the “we know what our customers want/need better than they do” and that never works out well for anyone.

Especially since native e-commerce was listed as coming soon on the marketing site over a year ago and is now on the wishlist as “backlogged”. If Webflow can’t get it done then they should at least find a partner relationship with a service like FoxyCart. It’s something Webflow customers have been asking for forever. And it’s something many businesses with websites need.

I honestly don’t understand why interactions 2.0 was put before this, search or pagination. I keep hoping that “all will be revealed” at any moment but my faith that search, pagination much less native e-commerce will show up before the year 2020 is starting to fade. I know that there is a running joke that anytime a paying Webflow designer ask “when” the Webflow answer is “soon”. Honestly, the joke isn’t funny anymore.

While we wait for native e-commerce to materialize it seems that Webflow should realize it’s missed the mark on the timeline and work on a fix for it’s paying customers. In my opinion this is one of those “we need to make it right situations.”


Hi @jdesign.
In Webflow’s defense, they did tell us privately that Nathan is working on other things right now. That said, a public response to this thread, even just a “we’re looking into it, but it may be a while”, would be better than no response at all.

I have good faith the Webflow team is working as hard and fast as they can, doing their best to prioritize new features and improvements. Running a SaaS is not easy. Running a SaaS with actual paying users is even harder. Hang in there. :slight_smile: