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Publishing collection data and removing OAuth integration

@nathan @brjohnson
In our testing with your most recent API update, we’re hitting a couple of small issues:

  1. In a scenario where we edit the Name field, Price field, and Description field for a collection item (in Webflow) but don’t publish changes, and then trigger the webhook to change the Inventory field value, all changes will be published, but not the Description data change.

  2. If a number field is not set to support negative numbers, numbers are converted to positive. For example, once an API call is made, if the new number should be -2, Webflow converts the number to 2. We can get around this by instructing users to explicitly set the field to allow for negative numbers, but we thought we’d give a heads up since this conversion (negative to positive) could be potentially problematic for users (not just Foxy related).

Please let me know if I can clarify on anything. Thank you in advance for looking into this.


Any updates on this topic @nathan

@jdesign To confirm, these aren’t blockers for Foxy, just some things that probably need addressed on the Webflow end. Our team is still testing things. No ETA yet, but we’ll definitely update everyone once the inventory integration is ready.



Hi Guys,

looking forward for this feature. Keep up the good work!

Hi all!
I wanted to give an update on the Webflow Inventory integration. I had the privilege of doing the first full test last week and it is beautiful! I put together a quick screencast:

Just in case it wasn’t clear, if multiple products are ordered at the same time, each product inventory count will be updated in real-time.

We’ll be opening up the integration for beta testing soon. So if you’re interested in being a beta tester, make sure you’ve subscribed to our Webflow + Foxy newsletter. DM me with your name and email and I’ll make sure you’re subscribed.



Wow @foxy, game changer here :open_mouth:

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Awesome as always @foxy :clap:

Is there a way to block products from being sold when they are added to cart? They will of course have to go back in stock if they are not processed/sold after a certain time. Or will sold products be blocked when user is trying to process order?

You don’t want to sell two tickets to the same seat in a movie theater :grinning:

Hi @biodust.
That’s a great question and something that we’ve already planned to address with future improvements to the inventory integration.

Foxy has a Pre-payment Webhook for these type of situations. We’re discussing the best way for Webflow users to use this functionality without having to host their own endpoint. Our end goal is seamless and simple. :slight_smile:


Perfect :ok_hand: Can’t wait!

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I can’t wait to implement this. Good job guys!

Hey everyone. Inventory management is here! Official Announcement