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Purchasing templates and future proofing

I have just read something about purchasing templates and I need it confirmed by someone, please. I have purchased a couple of templates with CMS and e-commerce capability built-in. However, I am not looking to use the e-commerce function right now. I will use the CMS function. I will use the e-commerce function possibly at a future date which could be 6 months or a year, and I hope by then the e-commerce side of Webflow is even better. I also may never use the e-commerce function and use shopify or something else to embed into Weblow. Right now, I just don’t know.

However, I am planning on being on the CMS plan for these sites, and upgrading to e-commerce plan when I enable or publish those features. However, I read that if the capability exists on your template, then you have to pay for it. This does not feel right or fair, given that I cannot install a new template on the same site in the Webflow platform then this feature would seem very restrictive.

I am really hoping someone is going to tell me that I have misread it because this kind of makes me very unhappy.

Thank you.