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Push Notifications

How does one integrate push notifications into webflow.

For example:

So many companies are doing this now:

Push Crew, Push Engage etc.

Nobody has implemented this?

Hi @mayhemonger,

@Anna_Kelian has implemented this in her Webflow site - You can open it in Webflow to see how it’s done. Click the gear icon next to the home page (left menu) and scroll down to custom code > before < body > tag.

Hope it helps.


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Thanks @nwdsha - Easy to do in http but my site is on Webflow’s https system.

The SDK requires 3 files to be uploaded to the top level directory, which webflow does not allow at the moment.

So - this simply cannot be done until someone at Webflow enables this wishlist item that’s been there forever (uploading files)

You’re welcome @mayhemonger.

I recommend emailing and see if they can help you with this further.