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Quantity based Conditions Visability


Is there a possibility to make the condition visability based on the quantity left of the product?

For example, in a list of products, add a text “out of stock” over the image for the products that are out of stock.




Definitely need this functionality!
I would like to gray out an Item from Product Collections list so that people can easily purchase tickets to a workshop without having to click on each set of date to find out what is available.


Hello @NiclasK & @TL-Jay :wave:

You should be able to do this in a kind of manual way by adding a toggle to your product settings and call it something like “Out of stock”. You can do this on the collection list, and on the actual product page too.

You’re currently not able to show how many of an item is left, unless you update it manually, but this is a great idea however :+1:

Here’s a quick video which I did to try and explain the manual way. Any questions then I’ll be happy to help :smiley:



Hey that will do for now, I just implemented it! Thanks so much @magicmark


@TL-Jay @NiclasK and everyone else too :slight_smile:

This functionality is currently in development so that you will be able to set certain conditions based on quantity and stock levels, sorting based on price etc, like you can with CMS content currently.

There is no timescale I can give, but it’s being worked on :slight_smile:

Our engineers just do not stop! :bullettrain_side: :smile: :raised_hands: :webflow_heart:


Great @magicmark. So viewing stock remaining is in that mix? I am building a workshops booking site. It would be ideal to provide the “places remaining / stock”. I know ecom is for products at present, but i I think I can apply it to this use case :upside_down_face:


Thank you for the reply.

I’m aware how to manually make it work.
I was looking for the automatic way.



Okey I understand.

Great work👍🏻


Awesome, fully confident that they will deliver!


Just checking in to see if you have any news about conditional visibility of text based on quantity and stock levels, @magicmark. Updates?