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Question about headline and image floats



I'm not sure how to accomplish image float into headline, making headline go around the image. Here's a screenshot what I would like to accomplish:

So the idea is that the headline "Discover the power of Windows Live on Windows Phone" should wrap around the phone image as on the screenshot.

How to accomplish this?


Hi @Ralf, thanks for the post. Check this topic out and see if it helps you smile



Thanks Dave,

but it doesn't really solve my issue. To put my problem more bluntly, I need to float the image left of the text (which is very easy), BUT I need the image to start from SECOND row of the text, not at the top of the paragraph.

I hope this makes sense...


Hi @Ralf, Could you share the site read-only link:, or If you do not want to share your site publicly, then create a new blank site, with the elements you need to recreate the layout, i.e. headline text, image and paragraph text.

Thanks in advance smile Cheers,

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