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Questions on landscape and mobile view


I have 2 pop-ups on click one for newsletter and one for reservations. For some reason in designer on landscape mode for newsletter there is no image but on my actual iphone the image is there and I cannot see the close x.

For reservations on mobile mode it’s also a little off center

I have the same weird issue with the slides on my menu page where I have on mobile version the images hidden but they are still shown? @cyberdave @ENCO_Administrator


anyone? Could really use some assistance on this if anyone has a suggestion on a fix?


Bueller…can someone please assist?


Hey there! Happy to jump in.

The issue with the picture not showing on your mobile breakpoints lies in the fact that your 50 Percent Column containing the image has a display setting of Display: None. If you follow the video below, you’ll see that you can fix this in just a few clicks. (Be sure to set the Modal Screen symbol back to Display: None so you can see the rest of your website.)

Let me know if this helps!


Thank you. For some reason on mine. In landscape mode on my phone the photo is on the left of the text and too big. In webflow and in your video the picutre is on top and it only appears live that way in mobile but not landscape.


Can you record your screen or send screenshots so I can better visualize the issue?