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Quick Find Beta Discussion


Eagle :eagle: eyes @matthewpmunger !



Had it for 30 minutes, already realizing I’d be handicapped without it.

My question is, what is “page settings” and how do I find it within the Quick Find?


@bonsaikitten Page Settings is the settings per page where you can set-up SEO settings, etc.

To find it in quick find, just search for a page. On the right side, there’s a gear that you can use to get to page settings in a heartbeat.


Nice touch adding the ability to filter the results.

Would it be possible to add more functionality using the arrow keys? This would allow the feature to be used completely without fingers leaving the keyboard.


  • ↓ moves down through the list (implemented)
  • ↑ moves up through the list (implemented)
  • [right arrow] TAB moves to the list filter to the right in a cyclical fashion
  • [left arrow] SHIFT TAB moves to the list filter to the left in a cyclical fashion


You can use TAB to move through the filters.


Yep, what @Lindapham said. To move the other direction, you can Shift + Tab.


Just a heads up:

We’ve received a lot of feedback regarding the shortcut (cmd + k / ctrl + k), so we’re changing this to cmd + e / ctrl + e when we officially launch Quick Find. This should feel better as it only requires one hand to activate, and it also removes any confusion with inserting links while in rich text edit mode.