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Quick Links Addition to Forums


It would be awesome if we can store some forum posts in a quick links area(accessible from the reply box) for when we want to share those on others posts for common questions/solutions smile (just saves us from hunting down those links to share lol)
@PixelGeek @cyberdave


Webflow forum is a Discourse forum, so in order to have an extra feature, it must exist as a plugin for Discourse already (or be developed specifically). You can participate in Discourses' own Discourse forum. Here's the link to the features board smile

I too could use more bookmarking features within the forum. To save myself some time answering recurring questions, I bought aText, a typing accelerator. It works great and possibly merges own rules with keyboard shortcut OS X rules.

This is one of many typing accelerator apps, but it was the favorite of many people when I was looking for one 10 months ago.


Went ahead and posted on there, had no idea! Thanks @vincent smile

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