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Real time filtering


is there a way to create real time filtering (as in the wishlist link below) with some nifty scripting?


This worked for me on a current work in progress, but only a single filter can be selected at a time. This doesn’t address dynamic sorting which I’d be very interested in a solution for as well.


Hello @Marcel_Deelen,

I created a slight work around for a filter using the interactions.

  1. I added a filter (plain text) field to my CMS collection, called it ‘package filter’. Then for each destination in the collection I filled that field with the destination name.
  2. Then I added the collection to the page with a filter using the package filter equals one of the destination names so the collection only showed packages with that name in the package filter.
  3. I then did that for each destination so they only showed collections of package from that destination.
  4. I added a simple filter by location list to the left side and used interactions to show the appropriate collection when the filter is clicked and hide the ones that shouldn’t show.

Here is my read only link: Link (you will find the filter on the Scotland Golf Packages static page)

You could add as many filters as you like as far as I can see and It seems to work fine, although I have certain doubts.

I checked the pages source code and it looks as though all the collections show up on page load even though they might not be visible. This means you could have multiple content issues for SEO if for example for me I might add a filter by number of nights which would mean packages would show up in that filter as well as their destination filter. I will likely only have around 20 packages at most so it might not be an issue for me however if you were to have hundreds of items it could be a problem.

Until Webflow comes up with a multiple filtering option this workaround will do for me!