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Really Simple Page Load Query



For some reason, all the pages that I create in Webflow, once published, open up at the bottom of the page.

Anyone know how I fix this??



Hi Justin, do you have a project link that you can post to the forum? Then we here on the forum can look and then offer advice or help. Cheers



The link is

Help would be appreciated!


Hi there, it is because you have a form at the bottom of your page, and on one or more text fields, you have autofocus set to on. You need to uncheck the autofocus:

Cheers !


Thanks Dave.

Another prob I have all of a sudden is that I can't export code - it just hangs.
My other sites export fine, and I have restarted Chrome.

Any help? Maybe a bug somewhere in my site..?


Hi Justin, try to unpublish your site, then re-publish, and then try to export the code again. We will check to see if there is any issues on exporting...



I've just tried that now... doesn't work.


I mean it doesn't help, after republishing...



Any news on this yet?


Hi, this problem should now be fixed, could you please try to export again?


Thanks Dave. All fixed up!