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Rebuilding site from scratch


I am rebuilding our existing Webflow site, starting with cloning our existing site so I can bring all the CMS content over.
I plan to delete all the styles in the style manager so I can start from scratch on classes.
Is there anything I need to be wary of or best practices for rebuilding a site? Is publishing it as easy as just deleting Custom URLs from Site1 and adding them to Site1Copy?

Appreciate any input or advice!


Hello @eburnett

Redesigning a site is always a big adventure. Regarding the design I would suggest that before you delete everything be sure that there are CMS items and data attached to elements because that is something that can be a pain.

And for the new site, yeah it’s as easy as just adding the custom domains to the new site and removing it from the old site. I honestly don’t know if this will affect your SEO because at the end you will keep the same URL’s and everything but maybe someone with more expertise in that area.


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