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Recommendations for a good Learning Management System?



I have a client who requires a learning management system (LMS) integration for their online tutoring business. They require mainly cloud storage for course documents (pdf's, powerpoints and short videos) as well as e-commerce functionality so prospective students can purchase course packages through the site. Another important thing they need is security logins for students, and perhaps a 2-step authentication login so students can't share course content with others. Has anyone used or can recommend an affordable LMS/ application / plugin that can integrate?



Hello @textileranch

At the moment I'm exploring this one but i haven't created anything yet so if you want to check it out...

If you find any help on that and you're willing to share it would be much appreciated



Looks promising. I'll have a play around it and see how it goes.



Maybe check this out: I saw it in the discover section of Webflow!


I've also been looking for this for a while.
Thanks @aaronocampo and @Scott_Van_Zandt for the suggestions :wink:


Checkout teachery:

The platform was created by Jason Zook who has been successfully creating and selling online courses for sometime now.