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Recreate the Effect


One of my clients requested the same mouse movement effect as the homepage.

I was able to recreate the effect here in webflow with a slight mod to a script I found on's own blog.

I also made a version with a video in foreground -

Figured I'd share it here with the community -

Awesome Interaction (Never seen before!) Any ideas?
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That's so cool @Damon_Daisley_Wilson thank you so much for sharing that!


WHAT?!?!?!? HOW?!?!?!



That's genious! Thanks for sharing that :dizzy_face:


AWESOME!!!!! that is GENIUS thanks for sharing!



Pretty sweet! Thank you for sharing


Awesome thankyou for sharing this @Damon_Daisley_Wilson!


This is amazing @Damon_Daisley_Wilson, thanks for sharing!!!

Has anyone gotten this effect to work on tablet/mobile?


@Damon_Daisley_Wilson Too cool!!! How do we find the script we need to add make the effect come to life? I can't seem to locate it in the read only site you provided. Thanks for sharing!


I believe the information you're looking for should be in the page details section.

If you scroll down that until you get to the Before tag then I believe that should be what you're looking for here.

For me though, the first two links worked but the preview wouldn't do anything at all. I was testing in Safari so no idea if that had anything to do with it though?

Best wishes,



@mark_bowen showed you where to get the scripts.

Scripts don't run in preview mode, you'll have to use the links to see everything in action.

Glad you like it.


Aha! That would explain why it's not working for me, yes!! :wink:

Thanks and thanks for sharing such a lovely effect.

Best wishes,



Thanks @Mark_Bowen and @Damon_Daisley_Wilson

Can't wait to see if I bring this life!


It's amazing!!!!!!! I'm trying to do something similar, but I can not.

Can I ask you something? First, it creates two separate images? how to combine them?


Just look at the preview link in webflow, there you can see how its setup.


I looked, but i can't do :frowning: Do I have to buy full version?


It’s very cool! Thank you!