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Recreated Mirrors Edge Catalyst's Website in Webflow


I love the Mirrors Edge game series. After seeing the new E3 2015 trailer, I decided to recreate the new website in Webflow as practice.

Time lapse video:

This is a non-functional fan-made concept prototype of built from scratch on

I have no affiliation with either EA or DICE.

My goal here is to practice with and show a little bit of potential of webflow's tools.

Some critics & questions to the webflow team!

Super nice. I like the slow Ken Burns-esque zoom movement on the scroll interactions. Nice to watch the timelapse as well @PixelGeek! Always impressed by your work.


Thank you!

The ken burns effect was from the real website

I just redid that easily using Webflow interactions wink


Great Stuff... Though your slide in animations for the sections were just a tee bit lengthy for natural viewing...
Other than A BIG THUMBS UP
I am new to webflow (although I have done some work in html) and this was a great confidence booster for me.... How much time did this take?


Thanks for the feedback and WELCOME to the community! smiley

This took about 2 hours to do, Monday night.


Love it man. As a huge ME fan this is spot on to the real site. I've been thinking of getting my portfolio site up and running again using ME's color palette and style. This gives me motivation.


do it!!! always learn, always create.


Deal! Btw, just saw your Webflow Staff label. Congrats on the hire.


many thanks! smiley been having a blast working with such an awesome team.


Big fan of the visuals in this game - Really great work. smile