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Recreating Airbnb Slider


Hi everybody!

I’m looking to recreate airbnb’s slider. View it here in the “Recommended for you” section.

@PixelGeek Would be sweet to do a tutorial on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

If you have any ideas on how to achieve this comment belowwwwwww

Thanks in advance for the help


good idea! I’ll put it on my list. :wink:


with the help of @sabanna , I was able to recreate something like that and will be teaching you how to do this on the next live workshop :slight_smile:



just saw this!! to cool! I can’t believe you actually went and did that!!! Nelson!!! ahh!!! you are the man!!!


also thank you so much @sabanna !! !!


Nice one timing is perfect


my pleasure :slight_smile: