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Redirect works on web but not on mobile


A 301 redirect works on web but not on mobile

Old URL:
New URL:

Any idea what to do?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi there

I just tested both of these URLs on mobile and desktop and neither appear to be working. The root domain appears to be down:

Can you verify that you have the DNS properly configured according to

If you run into any more trouble here, can you share your URL? I’d be happy to take a closer look.

​Thanks in advance!


sorry don’t know what happened… see above the adjusted links


Hi @finlayconn

Thanks for updating that. I took a look at the project settings and it looks like the 301 is set up perfectly.

I ran some tests and It looks like the issue may have been resolved. I tested on iPhone+Safari (recording), and Galaxy s9+Chrome and both redirects worked as expected.

If you are seeing other behavior on your end, can you send me a screen recording of what you see (CloudApp or Quicktime work well).

When you try this again can you try clearing the browser cache or try in an incognito window?