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Redirecting subdomain pages to main domain pages


My site is currently hosted with Webflow but my blog is hosted elsewhere on a subdomain:

I want to move my blog posts to Webflow and eventually ditch the subdomain host, but I want to be able to set up manual redirects somewhere for each old post to go to my new Webflow blog. At least until the new posts get indexed.

Example: redirects to

This doesn't seem to be something I can do within Webflow, even if I point my subdomain here, correct? Would I do this with the registrar or host for my old subdomain?

301 redirects with multiple different custom domains

Hi @tubes

This article may help with that:


Hi @tubes,

Unfortunately, Webflow Site Settings > Hosting > 301 Redirects can only setup redirects from the main domain, and does not support subdomain redirects.

To add subdomain redirects, you will need to host your own server and write custom .htaccess code.


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