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Refokus Styleguide for Webflow

Hey Everyone!

Wanted to share this one over here. At Refokus we use Webflow as an implementation tool, and as such we follow implementation best practices.

Having a pre-define Style System allows us to keep things organized, keeping to our high-quality standards, and allowing our clients to scale their Website with proper guidelines.

After using this in hundreds of projects, we are now sharing it with the world.

Documentation: Refokus Styleguide for Webflow

Cloneable: refokus-styleguide-webflow - Webflow

Have fun!


Thanks for sharing this Leo - Had a look at the docs and I like what I see, very structured and I assume would really help the onboarding process.

Can I ask if there are other base class prefixes you use besides c-?

When I saw the typography classes also had this prefix, I thought these would be better suited to a t- (typography) prefix or something similar.

The reason is simple: standardization on the hierarchy we are using classes.

c- is the parent class, the component, and we use it for ANY type of component regardless if it is a div, p, a, ul, etc.