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Regarding pricing with Ecommerce


Ok, we got the prices. I think it’s possible to sell this to the clients. BUT there is always a BUT.
Before i will be able to do this Ecom must include more payment options. Stripe works fine in Scandinavia but our market is a bit different. We need more options to be able to sell to this price.

Many of my customers today uses Shopify Basic and includes Stripe, Klarna, Papayl and custom payment option. I will never be able to sell Webflow Ecom to current customers for a higher price with less payment options.

I love Webflow and will use it, but it’s the client taking the decission.
What about a reduced plan in the beginning until we can offer the same payment options.

I realy belive in the Wedflow Ecom solution and have no problem to argue for a higher price if we can offer the same payment service.


Absolutely agree. This is clearly meant to be a serious professional tool (as expected from Webflow). Real tools that run real businesses cost money. If you or your client are running an eCommerce business that generates revenue (that’s the point right?), this will be so minimal for what you are getting it’s insane.

Do the math on that 0% transaction fee on mid/top tier alone compared to others with HIGHER monthly fees and 2.9% +.30 per transaction…not to mention this pricing includes all of the various CMS features.

Built out a few items in the Beta this evening…off to a great start. Great job Webflow. :muscle::muscle:


The only thing I see that is an issue is No unbranded email receipts under the Standard package. There are serious businesses out there that make less than $50k. I cannot see any reason that feature isn’t turned on. Other than that, well done on the pricing structure. About to dive in now!


I migrated to Webflow from Squarespace after 2 years on the platform. The ecommerce was nice but I received a lot of feedback about slow loading and the design aspect was clunky in my opinion. I really like Webflow so far as it’s solved both those issues for me. Are those beta pricing tiers in addition to an already existing plan?


@fixmyprocess Krista, the ecommerce plans, when you choose one of them, will replace (upgrade) your current plan.

Hope that helps


Gotta create demand I guess.

Why not go up to the mid-tire plan anyways, right off the bat. I dont even recommend the lower regular tiers for regular clients anymore. Just because they always want more, just present it to your clients that they are better off with the higher tier and just present the benefits.

Oh and don’t forget to add in your profits on those tiers as well.


It really does! I can’t wait to start using. Literally at this moment I am trying to build paypal products to help me in the interim because I have to have something but that’s ok! Unless you have a way to help me get into beta!!


I currently use Shopify lite plan $9 per month + a buy button. I will have to think a lot and see the cost-benefits to pay more than that. I am excited to use the beta version and give good feedbacks to webflow which is an amazing platform.


@Jason_Green totally agree! I tend to stay out of these debates but I think the Webflow Ecommerce is for serious businesses and serious clients. The pricing will definitely work for me and my clients.

I think it’s always worth remembering that an ecommerce website should be making money and of course pay for itself!


I see your point, but I’ve never been in the business of just charging people because I can. I charge an additional $20-$25/month based on the time I spend over the course of year doing training updates and such. There isn’t anything in the Plus other than the aforementioned feature that Standard can’t do.


Its not just that, but keep in mind that you are the developer for your client. you are here to give them the best possible experience for them and their clients. Keep that in mind for the pricing as well.

The unbranded emails and the removal of the Webflow fee of 2% is a benefit of the Plus tier.


I’m assuming there will be a pass-through of Stripe’s fees of 2.9% +.30 per transaction no matter what plan you select.


That is correct @milkyway!


Hi Janne,

I touch on this in my wishlist idea proposing integrating Paydock as a payment gateway. Paydock is essentially a bridging platform between an online store and many different payment gateways.

Albeit, Paydock have fees of their own too.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Paydock, it just makes sense to me.

Wishlist Idea: Prioritise Paydock integration with Webflow Ecommerce


Hi @pi_ron

I took a Quick look att PayDock. Nice solution but there are no major players for the Scandinavian market there. Hope fully the will att that later. Will keep following their solution


I’ve made shops integrating ecwid & shopify: the shopify lite (9$ month) + webflow integration works very well also with cms custom fields.

I love the idea to have a total Webflow ecommerce solution, but If I look to these prices I have to admit that this reduce the potential customers i can offer this.

At this initial stage, I would position WF ecomm very competitivly (Under 29$ per month) bcs if it’s true that from a designer perspective you’ll have total design control, on the other side Shopify i.e. offer much more possibilties in terms of sales channels (Facebook. Instangram), payment gateways (+100), and a lot of ready Plugins (cart abandon promotions, massive upload on platforms like Facebook, Ebay, Google Shopping…)

So Webflow ecommerce seems very good for webdesigners, not yet comparable to serious ecommerce solutions, so I would pay attention to pricing it very aggressively, in order to get HIGHER ATTENTION from the market. Be more attractive will generate much more migration from other CMS to WebFlow. If pricing is what we see now, Webflow ecommerce risks to be the niche of the niche…; will it generate enough income for further developments? or will fail as a project?


Dear Webflow Team,

While I dearly embrace your platform and have for years, your e-commerce pricing approach is heavy lifting and slightly off-putting.

What base am I starting from?

We are currently running a shop in Germany from a provider called Gambio. You install their software on your server and the shop works. It certainly isn’t Webflow but the design is functional, adaptive and the shop works like a charm, various integrations included. The costs are about €15 for the support contract (software as such is free) and about €5 for the server space.

I understand your thoughts about saying: “We’ll get you in the door but if your shop is successful, we want a slice of the pie.” I understand that to a certain point.

We currently run a CMS plan for one of our clients’ sites. That is $16 per month. That $16 is for your awesome development and maintenance work to enable me to build and host that site. I find that very fair. I could turn $10 million in business based on that awesome site and I would still pay $16 or a little more if I needed business hosting.

In that same door comes e-commerce and all of a sudden everyone gets a little anxious because they want a slice of the pie. Yes, the programmers still cost money and your infrastructure and your servers also, but essentially nothing has changed. It’s all time and code. But because the code now measurably generates money, it becomes more valuable code than before. And therefore it wants to be paid differently.

I have no issue at all in having some sort of tier system in pricing. But make it about value you give me, vs. value I generate. Because when I hit that $50K ceiling on the entry level plan, I need to upgrade to the next plan. But not because I need anything else, but because my shop is successful. If I sold luxury cars that would be one transaction. And and that feels slightly off, no?

The payment provider charges me the same transaction fees regardless. One transaction or one million transactions. With some it actually gets less the more you generate.

So give me an option please! Give me a shop for $0 and participate in my success based on a fixed percentage. Or give me a fixed price based on value of features but without any profit ceilings.

To my understanding, Webflow has always been about enabling and empowering people. But your e-commerce pricing goes a different route.

I am very aware that you did not invent that train of e-commerce business thinking. But that doesn’t mean you need to ride it.

Just food for thought.



Interesting, it may be worth a quick email to the Paydock team. They’re quite responsive.


The pricing is far higher than you can imagine if you want basic functionality.

Webflow: $36, $73, $212

Webflow with Zapier and TaxJar: $73, $110, $249

Not to mention the lack of comparable features. (but yes the design part does rock).


Hello Tobias, thanks for mentioning Gambio (I’m based in Italy and could be interesting for a european shop project). I had a look to their website and to their platform, and I think this is not camparable to other platforms that can be integrate in Webflow (like Shopify or Ecwid) because Gambio does not provide any embeddable script or html to be inserted in a Webflow project (or maybe it’s not shown on their website).