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Regarding pricing with Ecommerce


@Magicopit I really could not answer that question as it has not come up so far. As it is open source, there is probably a lot you can do with the right programmers…


With the Ecommerce hosting, do we get more CMS items? or is it still only the 2000 CMS items we get from the CMS Hosting package?


Hi, @Alex_Cheng yes and no depending on the plan.
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Forgive me if I’m wrong here dude, but with the scenario you mentioned, you wouldn’t get punished for upgrading to the Plus plan.

If you hit the $50k sales (let’s say with your luxury car business) or think that you’re going to hit it anyway with a separate business, then moving over to the Plus plan actually saves you money, as you’re charged an additional 2% ($1k based on $50k sales) with the Standard plan.

The Plus plan costs $864 annually, with no additional fees, therefore actually saving you $568 and allowing more sales and additional features!

Hey, even if you think your store is going to hit $25k in sales, its worth choosing the Plus option, because even at $25k turnover, it’s still an additional $500 in fees, which is $68 more expensive than the Plus plan.

Hope that helps Tobias & hopefully i’ve calculated that correctly haha


Based on a math based argument, you are completely correct. The standard plan costs me a maximum of $ 1.432,00 per year. The plus plan a maximum of $864 per year.

If you break that down to cost, based on the profit limits per plan it comes down to this: 0,03 per Dollar earned on the standard plan vs. 0,004 per Dollar earned on the plus plan, which has a completely different feature set (based on the additional CMS features). Based on that comparison, it just feels like being punished for “starting out”. Should it not be the other way around? Shouldn’t starting out be encouraged and supported? I won’t even mention the Webflow e-mail branding issue which I find unacceptable for even the standard plan pricing.

My post however aims less at where the breakpoints have been positioned.

I am questioning, why a webflow e-commerce solution, built upon and with the existent CMS infrastructure should cost so much just because it has e-commerce written on it? Why would you not just charge for the work you have put into the project, just as with CMS? Why would you tie the price a product to the level of of another companies success? It just seems off, especially when the starting base is already quite high.

I would be very very very excited to use Webflow e-commerce from a design perspective. But from our experience and the experience of many of our partners, clients and colleagues, design should not be overrated either. It’s essential from a designer’s perspective and importand from a company’s perspective. But the product you are selling, how are you selling it and the whole backstory of the company making the product is what is usually making interesting products successful. A store needs to look good (unique), be adaptive to all devices, be 100% reliable and secure and have many many tie ins to other services. There are many companies out there offering that.

I can understand pricing based on website traffic (as in the CMS plans). I understand the argument on server load and the costs associated with that. But I don’t understand the argument on profit ceilings, because they don’t necessarily relate to anything that creates more cost to Webflow.

My whole argument is a strictly emotional und highly subjective ethical one and it probably won’t change the fact that we will use webflow e-commerce on one of our projects. We have believed in this company for some years now and for the moment there seems to be no reason to change that. But trust and support need to be upheld. That’s why I think it’s important to speak and listen.


I very much agree with that. I work a lot for small one-man bands that would find $36/month too much, becuse they’re starting out and not turning a profit. Shame not to be able to set them up on WF.