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Reinitialize active tab

At the test site below you can see that the Before </body> function updateWidth(); doesn’t initialize unless the associated html is in the w--tab-active tab on load.

Take a look at the demo here:

If you go into Tab 2, then look at the inputs you will see their width is 0. My code is to auto-resize the input width based on the input value and it’s subsequent width. If on load I have Tab 2 as my active tab, the code initializes and the width is resized as intended. Only when my code is not in an active tab does it not initialize. To see it re-initialize click the orange box and then the red one. That’s because in my code I have the function to run after these buttons are pressed.

After contacting Webflow they said that there needs to be a redraw of the Tab’s using the native function: webflow.require('tabs').redraw();

Does anyone know how to successfully call this function inside of custom code to get the Webflow Tabs to redraw on click/ for w--tab-active?

I tried the below without success:

$('.btn').click(function() {

I haven’t dealt with this before, but your selector for (‘tab’) isn’t defined, there is a console error being thrown:


Might be a good place to start.

@cyberdave FYI I have continued this inquiry here.


I think ‘tabs’ is a general selector. I have also tried naming it to a class without success.

I’m pretty sure re-initializing the tab every time will require a more complex solution.