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Related Articles in article template

I am having major trouble with related articles - we currently have the option in our article template as a multi reference to manually add related articles (I’m fine with the manual), but the little + button beside the dropdown confuses me (see screenshot)

Does that create an entirely new “news” collection or does this space give me customization control over how a related article appears? Do I have any ability to control “how” related links appear on a blog post. Right now it’s a basic embed/scrape below the article content and it doesn’t standout at all.

Any help would be awesome! If I can make that related article spot appear bigger or even be able to add in the subheaders that would be fantastic.

Hi - The + icon will create a new collection list entry. If you click into the field itself, or click the search icon, it will give you the option of multi-referencing other items from the list. Hope this helps!