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Remove the "All" setting from Transition in Effects Panel


Hey @callmevlad

We should most definitely remove the "Apply to All" for transition settings in the effects panel of the style pane. smiley no more bugs! haha. #AddItToTheList #DontSlapWaldo lol XD


I second this. What would be awesome is a better piece of UI than a long dropdown menu.

When you start using other web live editors, such as Pinegrow, you immediately understand what is the force of Webflow: a very effective and well thought UI for styling. Other programs have endless dropdowns, it's barely visual.

As Waldo says, settings transitions to All is something to avoid. Then it gets a bit tedious to select all the things you want. I'd love to select them in an easier way, a kind of touch pad with buttons maybe. Something like this:

And maybe keeping the All, but not as a default and with a warning.

Oh and with all the easing methods too smile


That's a slick looking UI re-design @vincent and would be easier to navigate for sure. All in time smile the team is really busy! Haha. And all the easing methods would be awesome wink