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Remove webflow IP


How can I remove the Webflow IP adress ?
It brings bad quality to my different tracking tool.

I will be happy if custom code could remove the webflow IP adress.


I havn’t heard of this issue before? How is it impacting your tracking codes?

Would be great to get some more details around how it’s impacting and how you’ve discovered this as an issue.


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Please find a screenshot :

All my clicks come from France (for sure). But everytime someone click on a link, it count a click in america too. I think it’s webflow. What do you think ?

Any requests that are coming from webflow identify themselves with a user agent that looks like: Webflow 1.0 - $Service-Name (So for example, Webflow 1.0 - Image Import or Webflow 1.0 - Site Screenshot)

Does the analytics tool you use have the ability to filter out user agents? (I know google analytics, for example does)

Any requests coming from us may be coming from a large range of IP addresses as they are dynamically provisioned by AWS, so there is not one single IP I could give you to add to an exclude list.

Hi Nathan, I am facing the same issue.

I am using Google Analytics. Could you please specify how to filter out any agents that could cause these type of issues?

Is there any other agents to be aware of that should be filtered as well?

Thank you in advance.