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Removing interactions from a template


On the Velocity template, I’m trying to remove the interaction from the container in the Hero Section (the vertical scroll up) to apply my own interactions, but I can’t find any way to do so.

When I apply any of the interactions I want, it turns into a combination of my desired interaction with the vertical scroll up. (i.e. adding in a scroll in from the right results in a diagonal scroll up)

Is it an issue stemming from the fact that there is a new interactions system, and the template used the legacy interactions? Or am I just missing something? Thanks!

the template


Hi @bfstu

When you go to the ‘Interactions’ panel have you changed the toggle to ‘legacy interactions’?

If so, you will see what appears to be a greyed out list of about 10 interactions, you can actually delete those which removes the interactions 1.0. Then switch back to interactions 2.0 and style away?

Hope that helps?



Hi @bfstu

Did that fix it like you hoped?

(drop a solution ‘tick’ if so :+1: )