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Removing URL?



Here is my website link:

I have added a custom domain name of:

However when clicking on a link it then changes back to a URL.

How can I go about changing this?



Looks like this is the problem.

Maybe try the domain-name/pagename in the link field and see if that fixes the issue.


@bbrazis I have tried changing that but it breaks the link and doesnt load the page.

I have disabled the SEO but that does nothing either.


So changing the link from to doesn’t work?


@bbrazis that seems to have worked now :slight_smile: Was strange didnt work before.

Also, one thing. My link buttons, such as social icons and links within logo on a page don’t open in a new tab even though I have checked this box… any ideas?


I was noticing that. Is that happening in any particular browser or across all browsers?


@bbrazis I have only tested on Chrome and Safari at the moment. Real strange.


I don’t think this will make much of a difference, but try putting target="_blank" on the social media links.

Like so:

59 PM

You might have to uncheck the box to open in another tab (this basically is the same thing).


@bbrazis tried this. Doesn’t seem to do anything like you mentioned. Don’t really understand how it can trip up on something like this? Have you seen this happen before?


@vssdesigns personally I haven’t seen anything like this before.

Maybe try unpublishing the website and then republishing it.

Or you could try target="_tab"




@bbrazis Yeah tried that and still nothing. Really weird, will have delve more deep into it. Not a show stopper this one I guess but very annoying. Thanks for all your help though :slight_smile:


@samliew I have done that. Thats the whole issue. I have ticked that box and it is still not opening in a new tab.

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