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Rending issue in Safari vs Chrome/Firefox


I'm trying to fix one section of this page: -- all the way at the bottom the text "Return to Top" -- in FireFox/Chrome it looks fine, but in Safari and ipad/iphone the text is overlaying the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

I really feel like this may be some sort of padding/margin issue or something that I've done with my Sections/Containers, but it seems like I've tried every variation without being able to fix it.

I really appreciate any thoughts anyone has!



For the record -- I figured it out!

Apparently Safari really doesn't render negative margins for Link Blocks -- so it basically ignored the negative margin for that element and actually appears to have made it a positive margin.

Strange little bug!


@thezedwards, thanks for updating us! Looking into whether we can detect this somehow and automatically adjust for it...

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