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[RESOLVED] 404 Error after CMS Hosting / Custom Domain Switch



today in the morning we updated our website

We have a CMS Hosting Account and use a custom domain. I changed the A Records and the CNAME like your webflow tutorial.

Can anyone help me? Its a little bit important



i found the problem. i forgot to publish the custom domain. Grrrrr. I noticed a little note...


another question.

if i type our domain name without www or http:// it doesnt work.

whats the problem here?


A browser will always add http://. So it's always required but often automatically added.
When you link a domain name, the defaut is http://domain.extension. You have to add a cname declaration to link "www"


Hi @Toby, I am sorry to hear about the trouble with the custom domain. As @vincent mentioned, you can setup a CNAME record in your domain DNS settings for the "www" to point to

Take a look at this article:

Also see this article if you need to get help from your DNS support:

I hope this helps!


Hi @cyberdave and Vincent

thanks for your help. Now it works. We just use one IP and the CNAME and make a redirect in our domain settings at our server. Now it works great.

And it makes a lot of fun to work on our with this kind of combination. webflow cms and the custom domain service.