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[Resolved] Anyone with SALESFORCE Forms experience?


Hi I need to embed a Salesforce form into a weflow page. A page that isn't going to be hosted on Webflow... So the form needs to target Salesforce anyway.

I've read a few posts talking about Salesforce, but I'm really not skilled in Forms so it didn't help.

Thanks in advance.

@brryant do you have an advice for me? I've seen that you may know a bit abt Salesforce.
(I understood how to add hidden inputs with the custom code widget, already)


I kind of figured it myself.

I'd like to hve one confirmation though... if I replace the "Webflow default" Action thing, it means webflow is not anymore processing any part of this form, right?

Thanks in advance.


@vincent, that is correct. If you change the default action to point to a url for example (or anything other than the default), then the Webflow form processing will not be used. Cheers, Dave


Thanks Dave, that's all I needed.


I haven't used salesforce... but I did turn down a project a while back that dealt with salesforce
--- because but I didn't have the experience with it
--- or the time to figure it out

Maybe I should look at salesforce again. I don't like walking away from money.