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[Resolved] Bottom of Page is cut off



I am not too sure if anyone else is experiencing this.

The design canvas seems to have been cut off and I can’t work on it. Even after adding sections. This just happened recently.

As you can see from first image, the section is only showing a little bit of it’s original size. So I deleted the bottom most section and as you can see from the second image, the section you are looking at has a top and bottom padding of 100px. And it seems that a third of the padding has been cut off from the canvas.

Tried reloading the website, logged out and log in again but it’s still showing this.

Bottom and footer is cut off


I don’t think that is the problem I am facing here. It is always at the bottom of the page.

This image shows of an empty container or section in between other sections

This image shows of an empty container added to the bottom of the “Body”


@AnnaKelian Hi Anna, may i know why this is tagged under design help?


Hi @makdicowz

I checked your preview link and I do not see the issue on this end. Seems the issue was resolved. Hense, I moved it to design help as there doesn’t seem to be a bug.

Were you able to resolve it? If not, and if you can provide some more details, I’m happy to take another look and see if indeed there’s a bug there.

Details you may provide:

  • What browser are you using and is your browser up-to-date?
  • Are you experiencing the same issues while being logged into Webflow using Incognito mode with browser extensions turned off?
  • Is there any error in the Console? If yes, please take a screenshot of your Console and send it to me.

Standing by for your response!

Kindest regards,


Hey @AnnaKelian

The issue is still there.

  1. I am using Chrome and it is up to date

  2. Yes I am experiencing the same issue while using Incognito Mode with all extensions turned off.

  3. I am not too sure if there is an error in the console. But sometimes while logging in I get an error of “There seems to be an error in webflow. Please contact” After clicking ok, I am back on webflow. It does happen from time to time.


@makdicowz it would be really helpful if you could see the console for me please. You can see the console by pressing: cmd+option+i

If there’s any red error please send me a screenshot of the error.



No errors listed here.


Hi again @makdicowz

I see you have added a 70px margin on the Hero section which is pushing the content of your site 70 px down and out of the body element. Removing that margin fixes the issue.


I will check with our developers if this is a bug or expected behavior.

In the meantime, there are many ways to add that extra70px above the hero. If you need help with that let me know.


Hi @AnnaKelian


But I have been doing it for most of my websites and it doesn’t have this effect of pushing the website down. But anyway, it has been solved. Just have to find a new way to add the 70px. :slight_smile:


Yes, it strange, it might be conflicting with another styling. I tested on a blank canvas. It only happens after a certain px height is exceeded.

I will investigate it with the team. In the meantime, the simplest way to add the 70px is to add a section above your hero section with height 70px.

​Hope this is helpful.

Kindest regards,


Thanks a lot for the advice. Have a great day!


Most welcome! You too!



Thank you for bringing this to our attention! The team is investigating this issue and it is indeed a bug. I’ll let you know when It’s fixed.

Kindest regards,


Hey @AnnaKelian,

ahh ok! Great!


Hi @makdicowz

We found the problem, and it’s called collapsing margins.

So, this is not a bug in the Designer, this is something related with how CSS works on the web.

Therefore, whenever you need to separate the first element from the body, instead of adding margin-top to the element, you should add padding-top to the body.

​Hope this is helpful.

Kindest regards,

Issue with footer

Hi @AnnaKelian

Got it!

closed #22