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Resolved: CMS Collections freezing up!


Webflow has been really good till tonight, my “Galleries” CMS collections doesn’t load and freezes the browser tab whenever I want to access the items. All other CMS are fine.

These images are multi-referenced into different projects, and they show up nicely on the website. I just cannot access them via CMS to edit.

I don’t want to delete the entire collection, as this might happen again after re-uploading. The images uploaded are all optimised (70 - 350kb) per image.

Please please tell me there’s a solution, thank you in advance.

Here is my read-only link:


This should be categorized under “Bugs”. If you’ll edit the post that’d be great.

You’re not the only one experiencing this issue. See this other threads from this weekend.


Thanks @matthewpmunger.
I have changed it under Bugs.
And I see you and a few had a similar problem as well, hopefully these gets solved soon!


Hi @thomasl Thanks for the heads up. I have added this to the bug report that we already have open. Once I have an update, I’ll reply to this thread.

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks @PixelGeek. Looking forward!


Hi @thomasl Thank you so much for your patience and understanding. We just pushed a fix for this issue.

Can you please take a look on your end (after refreshing the site in the Designer) to make sure that everything is working correctly with the collection manager now?


Hi @Waldo and webflow team.

Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and so glad its all fixed as well! Super.


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