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[RESOLVED] Cursors don't change on button hover


@thesergie Presently all my links on the site am working on are not showing the cursor pointer. Which is affecting usability of the site. I don't see any reason using button always for just simple links like text links you know. Any workaround or I wait till it is implemented?

Suggestion: When implemented can you make Webflow apply cursor to all hover links by default. So that we can just republish the site easily. Thank you.

Suggestion: Cursor Control

Hey @topelovely are you saying your cursors don't change inside the Webflow designer or when it's published and you're viewing the live site?


Once you reply to @thesergie you could also try implementing the following in the Custom Code section in site dashboard (first field).

  a { cursor: pointer; }


@thesergie Hey guys! same problem here! my cursor pointer (hand cursor) doesn't appear in any of my buttons, for now the bug appears when change the page inside the Webflow designer from "Home" to another page.


Same problem here. None of my links are showing the pointer cursor on hover. I get a micro-second blink of a pointer but goes back to arrow.


Hi @Port_of_Folio, can you please send us a preview link to your site? Or a published version of your site if available? Thanks!


Thanks for the quick reply @callmevlad. Apologies, I noticed it was happening in all browsers and webpages, so I did a quick reboot and everything works well now. My computer had a freak out of some kind.

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