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[RESOLVED] Duplicating items with <label> causes Error


Hey guys,

Not sure if anyone had this issue already, with the recent Webflow updates, whenever I copy-pasta any items or group of items that contain the HTML label element, Webflow would not paste the said item and an error (Something went wrong) is shown. I tried reproducing the error in Incognito and I was able to do so too.

Running on latest Chrome version Version 59.0.3071.115 (Official Build) (64-bit), Windows 10.

Can you guys fix this issue asap? It’s bloody annoying and time consuming cuz I would have to resort to recreating certain group of items as my workaround.


Hi @alexanderwong

Thanks for reporting about this issue! This definitely sounds like strange behavior. Can you please provide some more details so I can investigate this further?

• What site(s) are you seeing this issue occur in? Can you send me the site Read-Only link please?
• Can you provide reproducing steps.
• Can you please take a screenshot of your Console while the error is occurring and send it to me as well.

Thanks in advance. I'll be standing by for your response!


Hi Anna,

I see this on every site I work on. I have multiple paid accounts, and they all produce the same problem.

How to reproduce the issue:
1. Add a form block.
2. Add a label element.
3. Try copy and pasting the label element, it will throw the error.
4. Which also means that whenever I am trying to copy and paste any single or group of elements which contains the label element, it will throw the error.

For the read only link, I have sent it to you as a private message.


Hi @alexanderwong ,

Thank you very much for the details. This is definitely an unexpected behavior. I am looking into this with the team right now and will reach back out as soon as I have more information and hopefully a fix for this issue.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we investigate this issue.


Hi @alexanderwong

We just pushed a fix for this issue. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Thanks again for bringing this issue to our attention and helping us resolve it quickly.


Thanks guys, verified that it's working properly now. Cheers!


Thanks for the confirmation @alexanderwong

Have a wonderful day!

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