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[Resolved] Error message when trying to publish?


I am trying to publish my created site and I get this error message:

Anyone knowing what this is about?



Same for my tried different sites



so it might be a general problem currently happening cause of ??? server issues?

Besides: I also cant download my site.


I think it’s a global problem. I’ve seen multiple people reporting the same issue in the last 7 minutes.


Same here… bummer!


what a bad timing…oh no


Hi @Daniel_Schultheiss, @Alex_Tokmakchiev and @JanneWassberg, a fix is being prepared and I will let you know as soon as the issue is resolved.

Thanks in advance.


I am getting the same message.

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Having the same problem on all our pages


Also can’t upload any new assets… omg what a horrible timing for these bugs, also it’s a pretty expensive service to be experiencing this :confused: my income depends on this.


Hi @Daniel_Schultheiss @JanneWassberg @Alex_Tokmakchiev @AlexManyeki @mburgos @Kalli2000.

Thank you very much for your help with reporting this issue. Our team was able to push a fix for this and you should be able to publish / export as expected.

@Marcelo_Acosta can you please refresh your designer and try uploading those assets again? Then let me know if you are able to.

I appreciate your patience while our team fixed this!


yes working now thank’s


Hey, Brando! It’s working properly now. Thanks very much for the swift response of the team!

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