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[Resolved] Firefox grid scaling issue (float left)


Hello!! I finished my first websie in WEbflow. I tried opening it in different desktops (laptop, imac 27) and everything worked perfect, but when i opened the site in mozilla one section of my website changed completely. i am sending you my public link and two photos of google and mozilla! any tips????

the second one is mozilla!!!!


Hi @athina_tzan, can you tell what operating system and version are you running, and what version of Firefox (mozilla) are you running? You can get that from within Firefox , click Firefox then About....

Cheers, Dave


@cyberdave Imac 27 mid 2011 operating system botcoome windows 7 and firefox 32.0.3. I opened it in my laptop with isn't Apple just incase there was a problem with botcoome and still the same!!!


Hi @athina_tzan, so which version of OSx are you running? the latest mavericks or earlier? Or are you running Wndows 7? I was a bit confused there....

Cheers, Dave


i am using window 7 on all of my computers along with the imac


ok thanks @athina_tzan, I will go check it out win 7 and firefox 32 then... get back to you soon. Cheers, Dave


ok!!! thank you very much !!!!


@cyberdave Hello there!!! sorry to bother you again, any updates / tips on my issue?


Hi @athina_tzan, it looks like there is a float: left in your "Lightbox_block" element that is causing this issue in Firefox. Here is a screenshot illustrating how to remove this:

Once you remove this, and re-publish your site, it should appear the same in both browsers. thumbsup