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[Resolved] Hotkey for "publish site button" and "view site"


I'd like to 2 things that could improve the workflow.

A view button next to the public button would be useful for opening the project initially when beginning to edit a project.

Also it would be cool if you could create a new hotkey for the publish site button (shift+return?) so we can shift+p, shift+return to publish without having to use the mouse.

Possible would also be shift+alt+p for something like "quick publish" which would skip the popup altogether.


Good call, I want these three options too. We publish a lot during a work day, this would save a lot of clicks.


Being able to set a simple user preference cookie to dismiss an unwanted prompt (don't show me this again) would be a huge plus for making the app behave and evolve as we want over time. Warnings and prompts are good in the beginning, but they begin to nag after a while and interrupt webflow workflow.



Hey @Tom @Vincent @vlogic - just added this. Here's the order of shortcuts:

Shift+P - opens the publish dialog
Shift+Enter - kicks off publish (same as clicking on publish)
Shift+Enter - opens the published site in a new tab (after publish is complete)

Let us know if that works for you! smiley


Works for me. Thanks @callmevlad!


Shift + Enter don't work for me, but Shift + P does.

#7 I got it! Didn't realize Shift+enter only worked after Shift+P..:)


omg YES! This is great smile


Works for me thanks @callmevlad!


Works for me too, thank you! smile




Also I just realized that hitting escape closes the dialog after publishing, so the need for using the mouse is gone.